Dutch politician Geert Wilders said forming a minority government with him as prime minister was one of the possible management options considered by his Freedom Party (Freedom Party) after its election victory last week.

After meeting with the political representative tasked with leading exploratory talks with other political forces on a possible common government, Wilders told reporters he would be "decisive but also reasonable" in discussions with potential partners that are expected to last a long time.

The possibility of forming a minority cabinet came up on the agenda when, in the days after the election, caretaker Prime Minister Mark Rutte's conservative People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) - which shares many of Wilders' anti-immigrant positions - announced that it would not participate in Wilders' cabinet, but did not rule out the option of still securing parliamentary support for him.

Wilders, who garnered about 24 percent of the vote, will have to work with at least two of the more moderate political forces to form a coalition.

In his words, in the conversation with the political representative who leads the exploratory negotiations, or "scout", as this man is called in the Dutch political language, he said that he prefers cooperation with the centre-right New Social Contract (NGO) and the conservative Farmers' Civic Movement (BBB), with which together they would form a solid majority in both chambers of the Dutch parliament.

This is the "regular, correct combination," Wilders said, adding that the most important thing now is for the parties to agree to hold talks about possible cooperation.

Wilders' victory in the Netherlands alarmed her allies

NOD leader Pieter Omtzicht signalled that the interaction with Wilders would be complicated in view of some elements in the PS's programme violating the Dutch constitutional guarantees of religious freedom.

Today, Wilders reiterated that he is ready to compromise on some issues.

The mediator in the exploratory talks, Ronald Plasterk, will meet with the party leaderships of the NOD and FGD later today.

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