One hundred social enterprises in the country will have the opportunity to receive funding to digitize their work processes under the Recovery and Resilience Plan (HEP) within a project implemented by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy. Six Centers for Social Economy and Integration have already been established under it in the different planning regions in Bulgaria. This is what the coordinator of the Burgas center Marina Dicheva told BTA. She added that it is located in Zornitsa (bl. 44) and has been operating since the summer of this year.

"The main purpose of the employees of these centers is to consult and, above all, to register social enterprises in a common register. A national one will be prepared, which is already available in the form of an online platform. In order for a social enterprise to be included in the register, it must meet the necessary criteria. According to one of them, it should employ people from nine different target groups - people who have served punishments, people with disabilities and others. One of the categories also includes refugees who have received temporary protection in Bulgaria or humanitarian status, "Dicheva explained.

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According to her, the Burgas Center for Social Economy and Integration employs five specialists, and two more will be hired to investigate and consult the enterprises in the country. Currently, two companies are registered in the center, a third is in the approval process.

"It is good for them to be on a register, because in Europe, and around the world, these social societies are subject to subsidized employment. Currently, several programs are expected to be launched, which will finance activities in them. That is why it is important to have a unified register - this will help the development and expansion of their business by obtaining more information about the available funding opportunities, "said Marina Dicheva.

The 100 social enterprises that will receive funds under the Recovery and Resilience Plan will have the opportunity to implement various projects. Dicheva gave an example of those for the implementation of inventory management programs, the creation of online platforms for sale, the purchase of new equipment and others.

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Recovery and Resilience Plan