The Minister of Fisheries and Fisheries, Abdalah Ulega, has instructed the Director of Fisheries, Professor Mohamed Sheikh to work with the security and security agencies to ensure within a month they end illegal fishing practices in the coastal zone.

He also ordered the fishermen to be well organized, as the demand for boats is high for the group.

Ulega made the directive today in Dar es Salaam during an event for the allocation of modern boats to fishermen in Dar es Salaam and Coast regions.

The boats are provided with loans under the funding of the Tanzania Agricultural Development Bank (TADB).
In the first phase a total of 160 boats worth Sh11.5 billion will be provided to beneficiaries nationwide.

"Maybe there is a lack of my supervisors in place, now we have opened a new page and since we didn't have a director to deal with the area now it will get a cure," he said, referring to the issue of illegal fishing.

As for identifying fishermen, he said if fishermen are seen as honest people, more people will come forward to lend to them.

"We know the demand for fish is high but the methods you use to fish you can't get more crops, they have already been approved another $11 billion for the purchase of other boats," he said.

However, Ulega cautioned fishermen and urged them to use the boats for economic and family building, rather than to continue the conflict in their groups and that the contribution to fishing is aiming to reach 1.8 percent by 2030.

The Secretary-General of the Ministry, Professor Riziki Shemdoe, said the delivery of the boats was a plan to empower small fishermen in the Dar es Salaam and Coast regions.

Professor Shemdoe said a total of 92 boats will be delivered in the Coast and 27 in Dar es Salaam and Coast region.