TANGA; Hold on. A total of 339 houses have been built for permanent housing for beneficiaries who have passed their land for the implementation of the country's crude oil pipeline project.

This was stated by Tanga Regional Representative, M Kinga District Commissioner Maulid Surumbu during the conclusion ceremony of the construction of alternative housing for the affected to the East African crude oil pipeline.

He said that in Tanga Region alone, the project has built 43 alternative housing units for 40 displaced people in the various areas of the region that are under review.

"I ask the public to be part of the protection of infrastructure in your project areas as this project is very valuable, but it is aimed at improving the economy of our country," said DC Surumbu.

Tanzania's oil pipeline coordinator Asiad Mrutu said that a total of 9,822 of the 9,904 project had been compensated for more than Sh34.9. Until now.

Geoffrey Mponda, the project's Director of Administration and Communications, said the project had complied with state law and international procedures in compensation including land grabs.