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The Bulgarian Food Safety Agency (BFSA) found a new outbreak of influenza A (influenza) in poultry in a poultry farm for breeding laying hens in the land of the town of Smolyan. General Toshevo, region Dobrich.

The virus was detected after receiving a signal from the owner of the poultry farm about increased mortality of the birds kept by him. About 129,<> people are looking at the affected farm. Hens.

By Order of the Executive Director of the BFSA of 27.11.2023, the outbreak and the control measures taken were announced. Humane killing of sick and contact birds in the site and disposal of carcasses under official supervision and in a way that prevents the spread of the disease is forthcoming.
Around the affected livestock farm, a 3-kilometer protection zone has been defined, in which the town of Smolyan falls. General Toshevo and a 10-kilometer surveillance zone. It includes the following settlements in the municipality of General Toshevo: Snejovo village; Ograzhden, Yovkovo, Kardam, Chernookovo, Pisarovo, Lyulyakovo, Preseletsi, Malina, Petleshkovo, Prisad, Plenimir, Ravnets, Dabovik, Kapinovo.

Measures against bird flu are introduced in Sliven District

An epizootiological study and tracking of movements of poultry and other birds, eggs, products and animal by-products derived from them, feed for birds and the means of transport related to the technological process in the sites shall be carried out. BFSA reminds that poultry meat and products obtained in a site where an outbreak of avian influenza has been found do not pose a danger to human health in compliance with the hygiene rules for processing food in the household.

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