The government is committed to enforcing the law to ensure more Tanzanians participate in the mining economy through the distribution of goods and services through mines in Tanzania.

This was said by Mining Minister Anthony Mavunde in Dar es Salaam at the graduation of the Institute of Mechanical and Technology (IHET).

He said the government had amended the law to regulate Tanzanians' participation in the mining economy, so that the many opportunities that come from investment in the mining sector can benefit Tanzanians through employment, service delivery and distribution of goods.

"The Ministry of Mines will ensure strict adherence to the implementation of the requirements of this law, in order to increase the scope of Tanzanians in their participation in the mining sector," Mavunde said.

He said the government would continue to work with various stakeholders, including IHET College, to ensure they prepare more Tanzanians to meet the criteria and quality in the supply of goods and services in mines.

For his part, IHET College Board Chairman Prof. Patrick Makungu said the graduates at the graduation were more than 2000,<>, which the college has produced since its inception and that IHET's main mission is to produce professional, quality, ethical and competitive professionals in the labour market.