In five months, it is impossible to solve all the accumulated problems. No one denies that the situation in agriculture is very difficult. Unfortunately, there is no prospect of it becoming easier. This is the reality, commented on Nova TV Minister of Agriculture and Food Kiril Vatev.

"There is no decline in fruit and vegetable production. Let's not speculate on this and create alarm. As there has been so far, there will be so much now – there is no difference, "he assured about the Bulgarian production.

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To the criticism of protesters under the windows of the Ministry of Agriculture, who accused Vatev of hiding, he replied: "I have not yet run away from anyone. You can see how capable of dialogue these people are. In the committee in Parliament, they asked each other all the questions and got all the answers the night before. Why were they expelled by the Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture? Because of their behavior."

"I can't be offended by people with such a low culture. Let's give their declarations to see how much they actually sold, how much they produced and how much taxes they paid. I expect it to come out that they have no sales. I am ready to take out in five years what I have realized and how much taxes I have paid, "the minister added.

The minister announced that he very much wanted to resign, but the behavior with insults, qualifications and false statements made him not.

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