There are KOL words, recently there is a British Association called Welcome Hong Kong People Association did a survey, interviewed 2,000 Hong Kong people in the UK, the result is one-sided, 99% of Hong Kong people in the UK will not return to Hong Kong, without this batch of purchasing power, even if the government withdraws the spicy, it is still difficult to bring the property market back to life, not a big bargain is already good, so now selling a property is the best investment strategy.

To be honest, I really don't dare to sell the property now, not only will I be dizzy by the buyer's hoe price, but also misunderstand that we are under financial pressure, the bank may call the loan, and the organization that did the survey is called the Welcome Hong Kong Association, and the survey results must be beneficial to the Hong Kong people who have moved to the UK, but 99% of the Hong Kong people who have moved to the UK will not return, which is really hard to believe.

An old friend who immigrated to the UK called me, and I asked if 99% of the Hong Kong people who moved to the UK would not return, and the old friend survey report should not be wrong, because the Hong Kong immigrants around him did not plan to return, and the only person who planned to return was a relatively normal job, although the salary was not high, but it could still be scary.

After understanding the whole thing, the old friend of the emigrant said that the KOL was not wrong, but only half of the story, it is true that 99% of the Hong Kong people who moved to the UK will not return, but nearly half of them have no job, and they will return if they do not work, so it is better to simply say that they will not return, and it is more decent to talk about it.

China is a country of immigrants, and now there are about 5 million Chinese immigrants in the world, which is more than the population of many countries, and many immigrants will eventually return, especially those immigrants who have made a fortune, if they do not return to their hometowns, such as brocade clothes at night, in other words, the returnees should live a wrong life in the place where the immigrants go, and even how many achievements there are, and in other words, 000% of the immigrants to the UK and Hong Kong are still underdeveloped or have some achievements, so they do not plan to return.

Tang Wenliang pointed out that those immigrants who have made a fortune are like brocade clothes traveling at night if they don't return to their hometowns. (File photo)

【Financial Column】Tang Wenliang|Chief Executive Officer of Jihui Group

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