DAR ES SALAAM: The top 100 CEOs and executives of the top <> companies in the country have been cited as the right way to drive progress as it will encourage efficiency at work.

As the third season of the awards in the country, the Tanzania Top 100 Executive Awards are organized specifically to recognize the top executives of the best performing companies in the country.

Eastern Star CEO Deogratius John Kilawe made the remarks in Dar es Salaam, November 24, 2023, at an awards ceremony that brought together executives and heads of companies across the country.

Among other things, the awards are aimed at recognizing and appreciating what is being done by Tanzanian company executives as part of the efforts and efforts to stimulate growth and encourage them to continue to do better and to bring about development.

Among the main characteristics of participating in the competition, according to Kilawe, include a company or businessman having an output ranging from Sh1 billion onwards and having clean audit documents for the last three years.

He added that for 3 years Eastern Star Grup has been successfully coordinating the awards in Tanzania, where they have been investigating various business services and contributing to the prosperity, development and success of the company and the nation as a whole.

"We have conducted a thorough and thorough survey to find the top 100 CEOs and executives of the top <> companies in the country. We believe through this process it will help provide opportunities for those participants and benefit more," he said.