Bulgaria and Austria will cooperate in the field of sustainable tourism. This was agreed during the working meeting between Minister Zarica Dinkova and the State Secretary for Tourism at the Federal Ministry of Labour and Economy of Austria Susanne Kraus-Winkler. A new agreement between the two countries is also forthcoming.

Bulgaria can use some of the models in Austria's program in terms of seasonal workers. According to it, Austria is divided into 9 regions according to the type of tourism it develops. The quota for them is large enough to cover seasonal services and priority visas are issued until it is filled. In Bulgaria, however, the limit is 20%, so as not to distort the labor market, but thus the needs of the market are difficult to cover.

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Austrian experience is important to us and we will get acquainted with their program. The problems in the field of personnel are obviously not only Bulgarian and Austrian, but also for most countries that develop tourism. It is important to solve the problems in a complex way, as well as to seek forms of cooperation along this line as well, said Minister Dinkova.

During the meeting, the good relations between Bulgaria and Austria were traditionally shared. Minister Dinkova stressed that good cooperation is extremely useful and the restored good dialogue is being built. State Secretary Susanne Kraus-Winkler noted that Austria is available for assistance both in terms of experience and consultation, as well as for the preparation of joint positions on the EU side.

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