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From today until December 1, farmers can submit applications for support under the de minimis scheme. The budget of the scheme is EUR 47.5 million. BGN and is provided to cover part of the costs for feeding the animals during the winter season and to ensure the preparation for the 2024 harvest.

The 47.5m-euro budget approved by the Agriculture Fund Lv. is distributed in equal parts between breeders and plant breeders. The rate for one animal as well as one hectare will be set after the acceptance of applications has been completed.

MAF: There is no reason for the protests of livestock breeders, the memorandum is strictly implemented

For the first time this year, the agriculture ministry had the idea to direct the money not to all farmers, but to the smallest and most vulnerable. However, the idea met the resistance of the big ones in business.

"The smallest are those who receive the least or receive nothing under other measures. And here everyone wants to get - and those who have received hundreds of thousands under other measures, and they want de minimis funds. And now you know what's going to happen? As it goes, the rate on "de minimis" can fall below 1 lev, "said Agriculture Minister Kiril Vatev and threatened that such "arm-twisting" happens for the last time while he is a minister.

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