A1 is the first telecommunications operator in Bulgaria to launch the eSIM service for customers of prepaid packages. eSIM is a SIM standard where the card is embedded in the phone - it is not inserted and does not use a physical SIM card. The operator offered eSIM for the first time for its mobile subscription plans in 2019.

Inserting a SIM card is replaced by loading an eSIM profile into the mobile device by scanning a QR code. Like a traditional SIM card, an eSIM account stores the information that is necessary to connect and use the A1 mobile network.

The eSIM service can now benefit customers of all A1 prepaid packages whether it will be the only or second card on the smartphone, turning it into a DUAL SIM. It is supported both by the starter packs with included minutes and mobile internet, as well as by the packages only with mobile internet. eSIM can be used on both smartphones and smartwatches. The full list of supported devices can be found on the A1 Assistant website.

The eSIM service for prepaid packages is an excellent solution for foreigners who visit our country and use a prepaid card during their stay. In this way, they can use both their main mobile number and the A1 prepaid service on one mobile device.

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