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Tourism can and should not only be a showcase, but a business card, not only a reception, but a front office of our country. This was stated by the Minister of Tourism Zaritsa DinkovaZaritsa Dinkova is Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria in charge of the opening of the Eighth edition of the Hotel Forum 2023 in Sofia. It was attended by over 400 hotel owners and managers, tour operators, airline representatives, airport operators and suppliers.

"We want to work with every region, with every municipality, with every professional community to solve the personnel problems, with the crisis in the professional training of the staff, with the trap of average income, average quality and average results. We want as an institution to be useful for those who are currently creating new conditions, new services, new solutions. They create new projects and develop new sub-destinations. ", said Minister Dinkova.

These policies can be supported with the adoption of the Program financing marketing activities of tourist services, which has already been piloted in the Black Sea municipalities, Minister Dinkova emphasized.

"This is a step towards an active partnership with you - representatives of real business, tour operators, municipalities and airports. Through it, we will remove the burden of mediation. We show political will to increase competitiveness and real development towards decentralization," Dinkova said.

In his words, with the introduction of this program, the Ministry of Tourism reacted to the European recommendations to Bulgaria to fight corruption, namely for the proper allocation of funds for state advertising by taking real action. Minister Dinkova specified that this is a decisive step to restore the trust of our foreign partners. The good news is that extremely positive feedback is being received, including from HTIF 2023 3 diplomats of countries representing important markets for our inbound tourism.

It should not be forgotten that tourism is also a policy, added the Minister of Tourism.

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"A powerful tool for soft state diplomacy. We see how successfully our neighbors use it. It is also a security function. It is important to realize that diplomats from our most important markets are closely monitoring what is happening in the sector in our country.", concluded her address Zaritsa DinkovaZaritsa Dinkova is Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria in charge.

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Zaritsa Dinkova