The National Bank of Ukraine has set the official exchange rate for Tuesday, October 17. The cost of the dollar is UAH 36.32 for 4 kopecks. less than yesterday. The euro added 1 kopeck. The zloty increased by 9 kopecks.

This was reported by the NBU.

Dollar exchange rate

Euro exchange rate

PLN exchange rate

Dollar exchange rate in banks

Euro exchange rate in banks

Zloty exchange rate in banks

In exchange offices, the dollar is bought for an average of UAH 38.80. They sell for 38,80 UAH. For in exchangers they offer 40.20 UAH. They sell for 41,20 UAH.

Recall that experts reported that the dollar is getting cheaper, but what is "under the carpet" is the internal tension experienced by both the non-cash and cash markets. After all, the National Bank has been strengthening the hryvnia for two weeks in a row and, accordingly, making the dollar and euro cheaper.

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