With a budget of more than 318m euros, BGN excluding VAT started accepting proposals for investments in the direction "Investments in technological and environmental modernization" from the "Fund for Promotion of Technological and Environmental Transition in Agriculture", provided for in the National Recovery and Sustainability Plan (NPSU). This was announced by the press center of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry.

The financial support is also aimed at stimulating innovative production and digital technologies that improve the cultivation of crops and animals, as well as at automating and robotizing production processes on farms.

Minister Vatev: The main task of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food is to provide conditions for market success of Bulgarian products

The strand will also finance tangible and intangible investments related to environmental protection and mitigation of climate change, as well as production of energy from renewable energy sources (RES) for own consumption.

The minimum amount of eligible costs for a project proposal is 30 thousand. Lv. excluding VAT, and the maximum – EUR 1 million. Lv. excluding VAT. Applicants under this procedure will be able to submit only one proposal. The grant will amount to 50% of the total amount of eligible funds to be spent. The costs of non-recoverable VAT are also eligible expenditure under the NPSU and will be financed from the state budget, amounting to an additional EUR 63.6 million. left.

The approved project proposals must be completed within 12 months from the date of signing the contract.

Minister Vatev: An important priority in the activities of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food is the preparation of an Irrigation Strategy in Bulgaria

The guidelines for applicants are published on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food as well as in the Management and Monitoring Information System (ICM-UMIS 2020), section NPSU. Proposals will be submitted electronically via ICM-UMIS 2020, section NRVU using a qualified electronic signature (QES), to the following Internet address: http://eumis2020.government.bg/

Applicants can ask additional questions and request clarifications in connection with the Guidelines for Applicants up to 21 days before the expiry of the application period only in ICM-UMIS 2020, section NPSU through module "E-application", procedure No BG-RRP-6.004 under the field "Investments in technological and environmental modernization".

The deadline for applications is 17:30 on December 20, 2023.

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