A study conducted in early September 2023 as part of the "Ukraine at War" project showed that over the past six months, the vast majority of Ukrainians have experienced a deterioration in the economic situation in Ukraine and their own economic situation.

This was reported by the sociological group "Rating", which conducted a corresponding survey on September 5-7.

According to the results of the latest survey, 60% of Ukrainians have experienced a deterioration in their own economic situation, for 35% it has not changed, and only 5% have experienced improvement.

Assessments of the situation in Ukraine are even worse: 73% felt a deterioration, 13% said there were no changes, and 9% said they had improved.

At the same time, sociologists note that, in general, respondents assess the state of affairs in the economy somewhat better than in previous surveys, but there is an increase in negative assessments about the future.

Thinking about the country's economy in the future, 29% of respondents expect improvement, 26% think that nothing will change, and 32% expect deterioration.

As for the personal situation, 23% hope that their personal economic situation will improve next year, 41% believe that it will not change, 21% have pessimistic views on this.

The best assessments of the state of their own economic situation are observed among residents of the west and center of Ukraine, younger respondents, those who work, and especially those who have found a new job. Almost the same trends apply to the assessment of the future.

The future of Ukraine's economy is relatively better assessed by residents of the southern regions.

To recap, the adviser to the President of Ukraine on economic issues, Oleg Ustenko, believes that Ukraine's GDP will grow by several percent next year, but radically in the country's economy should not be expected if the war continues.