THE GEITA; More than 5 billion Tanzanian shillings have been invested in MSA laboratories that test mineral samples on an international scale in Geita.

This was revealed by MSA Laboratory CEO Mugisha Lwekoramu, at the opening of the lab, which was established in 2020 as a subsidiary of Canada-based MSALABS.

Speaking about the technology used in the lab, Lwekoramu said the lab uses the latest radioactive sample testing technology (PhotoAssay), which is environmentally friendly because it does not use chemicals or fire in sample testing.

Explaining the technology's effectiveness, he said it is part of the technology revolution because it enables a stakeholder to get a sample response within two hours compared to the old technology of using fire and chemicals.

Mining Minister Anthony Mavunde praised the laboratory's CEO for making significant investments in the mining sector, urging them to continue opening other branches in the country.

Mavunde has promised that the Government will continue to create an investment-friendly environment and provide cooperation as needed across the entire mining sector chain.