The expected big update to ChatGPT is already a fact. Generative artificial intelligence can "see, hear and speak," chatbot developer OpenAI said in a blog post.

The U.S. company is introducing new voice and graphics capabilities in ChatGPT that will allow users to make a simple voice call with the chatbot or show them what they're saying.

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Simply put, ChatGPT has learned to "understand" users' voice requests, respond to them "out loud," and also recognize images that people show it.

The chatbot can dialogue aloud, tell a bedtime story or suggest arguments in family disputes, understand and explain from a photo why the grill does not start or what can be prepared from the food in the refrigerator

The new version of the AI chatbot offers users a choice of 5 voice options – 2 male voices, 2 female and one neutral.

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The introduction of innovation into mass use has already begun. Support for voice communication and image recognition will become available gradually over two weeks to Plus and Enterprise subscription users.

Voice will appear in ChaGPT's mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms (activation required in settings), and image recognition will become available on all platforms.

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