The Ukrainian energy sector has been badly damaged by Russian shelling and still needs to be restored.

In order to fully restore the Ukrainian energy system, which was damaged by Russian shelling, several hundred million dollars are needed, said the head of Ukrenergo Volodymyr Kudrytskyi, Hromadske Radio reports.

He said that Ukrenergo was able to attract more than one billion dollars from Western partners, which finance the restoration of the energy system.

"We have already financed most of our needs, I think that several hundred million more may be needed in order not only to restore the facilities in the format in which they were, but also to rebuild them in a more modern format," he explained.

Kudrytskyi noted that these finances do not provide for investments that will be needed after the liberation of all Ukrainian territories. The head of Ukrenergo expressed the opinion that the Russian invaders will try to destroy the entire infrastructure during the retreat.

"Now it is difficult to predict how much more resources will be needed in order to restore normal power supply schemes in the de-occupied territories of Ukraine, including Crimea," the official said.

Earlier, it was reported that Ukraine would be the first in the world to apply certain types of protection of energy infrastructure.

In addition, we previously reported that the Russians are preparing massive strikes on Ukraine's energy system.

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