Prizes up to 100 000 BGN and many more surprising cash premiums await
visitors to WINBET halls across the country

Tomorrow night, the customers of the gaming halls of WINBET, who have coupons for participation, will participate in the second draw of the prizes in the game Triple Chance. The draw starts at exactly 22:00 on September 28 and will be held "live" in all WINBET gaming halls in the country.

The game Triple Chance has a guaranteed total prize fund of 500 000 BGN. Participation tickets are valid for all drawings.

In the second draw of the winners of Triple Chance, the grand prize is the bonus worth BGN 100,000. In addition, two more prizes of BGN 25,000 will be awarded, three premiums of BGN 10,000, six prizes of BGN 5000,20 each. and 2000 premiums of BGN <>.

The withdrawal will continue until the holders of the winning coupons for all bonuses among those present in the company's halls are withdrawn.

On the same evening, at 21:00, WINBET will also distribute hundreds of cash bonuses of BGN 500 and BGN 1000,<>, which will be distributed randomly among the slot machines in the company's halls. In order to earn these prizes, it is not necessary to have a coupon for participation.

The last withdrawal of guaranteed cash bonuses in the Triple Chance game will be on October 5, 2023 at 22:00, live in all WINBET halls in the country.

Attention: Participation in gambling is not only entertainment and poses a risk of developing gambling addiction! More information on responsible gambling and risk prevention is available on and

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