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Talks with Ukraine over grain imports are going well, Polish Agriculture Minister Robert Tellus said on Tuesday, amid a heated dispute between the two countries over Warsaw's decision to unilaterally ban imports and Kiev's subsequent case against Poland at the World Trade Organization (WTO).

"I am pleased that we are talking about the future, that we are building mechanisms for the future and calming emotions that do not serve us well. This is the right direction," Tellus told a news conference after an online meeting with Ukrainian counterpart Mykola Solsky.

Tellus reiterated Warsaw's request that Kiev withdraw its claim against Poland in the WTO. "The Ukrainian minister said he would talk to the economy minister about withdrawing the complaint," Tellus said, adding that Poland was in the final round of talks with Lithuania to organize the transit transport of Ukrainian grain to Lithuanian ports.

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Relations between Ukraine and Poland, which is otherwise among Kiev's staunchest supporters in its opposition to Russian aggression, deteriorated sharply after Warsaw, along with Budapest and Bratislava, extended the ban on imports of Ukrainian grain beyond the expiry of the deadline approved by the European Commission, arguing that it protects local farmers and local production. notes BTA.




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