The uranium mining company has pledged to support the development of Namtumbo District in Ruvuma region through its social responsibility policy (CSR).

The promise of Mantra Tanzania was made at the Namtumbo Kihenge Business Forum held on September 21-22, this year.

At the conference, the official guest, Namtumbo District Chief Ngolo Ng'waniduhu, said the event was "very hopeful and important" for the district as it provided an opportunity for dialogue, agreement and exchange of innovative ideas that could push the wheel of sustainable development in the region.

Mantra, as a key stakeholder in the district, participated in the conference and laid out how the community can benefit through its project.

Expressing his gratitude to the Namtumbo District Commissioner for organizing the Namtumbo Kihenge 2023 platform, Mantra Tanzania's sustainability manager explained the benefits of the project including employment and business as part of the results of the development of mining activities.

"Project Mantra is not just uranium extraction," Leaves explained to participants. "It is the creation of opportunities that will benefit the entire community. From direct jobs on the project to indirect jobs generated by demand for goods and services. This project is a catalyst for economic growth."

On economic benefits, Leaves told participants about the company's five-year social responsibility strategy (2023-2028) which is based on the terms of health, education, environmental conservation and community development.

"Our social responsibility strategy is not just giving back to the community," Leaves said, adding: "It is an empowerment for the community to take charge of its development. We want to create a sustainable development model that will continue to benefit the community even after this project is over."

Mantra's accountability to society has gone beyond what is outlined in its CSR plan. The company is among the main sponsors of this year's Namtumbo Kihenge platform and has pledged to continue supporting such platforms as well as ptrograms that will have positive economic outcomes at the district, regional and country level.

"We believe in the power of collaboration and community involvement," said Leaves. "By sponsoring platforms like this Namtumbo Kihenge, we encourage a culture of dialogue and creativity that will accelerate the development of the district."

While Mantra Tanzania has continued its uranium project, the company has continued to deliver on its commitments to support Namtumbo district through its Accountability Policy (CSR) and support for social activities.

Through the platform, Mantra Tanzania received a certificate of appreciation from the Namtumbo Council office that recognized the company's significant contribution to the event.

The company has a long track record of community engagement and its contribution to the preparation of the forum is a continuation of its efforts to boost the regional economy. His recognition at the event is a clear testament to the way it gives itself together with the effort in the work.

Speaking at the Kihenge forum, Namtumbo State MP Vita Kawawa urged citizens to use the business forum to attract large investors in the agricultural and mining sectors as the district has a great opportunity to contribute to the country's economy.

The MP asked government authorities to support the Mantra uranium mining project in Tanzania.

The politician believes that if the government steps up efforts, the project could operate for at least 15 years and contribute up to 20 percent of Africa's uranium production, equivalent to 4 percent of global production.

Recently, Mantra organised a mining tour for 150 participants from the Namtumbo business forum, an activity that was led by the district commissioner.

The visit was aimed at educating the public on uranium mine operations, safety taken by Mantra during mining.

The exercise took place at the Mantra-run uranium mine in Nyerere Park, about 54 km from the settlements and 140 km from Namtumbo in the city.