In the mobile application everyone can collect virtual stamps from the sites and get acquainted with significant landmarks for our country in a new and modern way

The emblematic initiative of the Bulgarian Tourist Union – the National Movement "Explore Bulgaria – 100 National Tourist Sites" can now be used in digital format. The innovative project is implemented in the Yettel mobile app and enables Movement fans to receive digital stamps from objects equivalent to those collected on paper. Access to all services is completely free, with the telecom becoming the first operator in Bulgaria to open its mobile application to all users in the country.

"This is a big step for us and is a definite expression of our ambition for the modernization of the Bulgarian Tourist Union. The movement has existed for nearly 60 years and is unparalleled in nature, involving hundreds of thousands of participants from all over the world. Its digital format will make it even more accessible and close to people who will be able to easily get useful information about the sites and take their virtual print, "said Ventsislav Venev, chairman of the Bulgarian Tourism Union. "The ability to collect stamps and stamps from objects in paper passports is preserved. We do not change the Movement and its mechanism, but we upgrade it with new functionalities and optimize it according to the expectations of people and the times in which we live, "he added.

"We have connected the power of technology with the cultural, historical and natural heritage of Bulgaria and created a whole new experience for all who want to explore the many riches of the country," said Jason King, CEO of Yettel Bulgaria. "We give free access to this content to everyone who wishes, whether they are our client or not, because we want everyone to be able to touch the treasures of Bulgaria in a new, easy and accessible way," he said.

The project includes the creation of digital profiles of all tourist sites, part of the Movement, in the Yettel mobile application. It is also envisaged to place special signs with a QR code on the territory of each tourist site, through which the participants in the Traffic will be able to obtain their virtual stamp in their digital passport. It can also be taken by localization of the user's location, which also proves the visit to the site. Access to the digital profiles of the sites is open to everyone and requires only registration in the operator's application. The application will also include the ability to track the status of collected stamps to obtain a bronze, silver and gold badge. The opportunity to participate in the annual raffle for people with collected 25, 50 or 100 stamps within the year is maintained unchanged.

In the Yettel app from today you can find the profiles of 234 locations, where the most important and useful information for visitors is collected. Thirty of the locations are enriched with curious audio stories, and ten – with impressive video stories of talented Bulgarian artists. The videos include a short story with curious facts about the site and are created specifically for the project, and it is planned to gradually add new ones. The first stories are about some of the most popular and visited sites such as the Kazanlak Tomb, the Ancient Nessebar Museum, the Tsarevets Architectural and Museum Reserve and the Yagodinska Cave.

The digitalization of the National Movement "Explore Bulgaria – 100 National Tourist Sites" gives many new opportunities and ideas to people how to spend more quality time outside together with their families. The project also becomes a link between generations, as it is also oriented towards young audiences that prefer digital space. The application will be periodically supplemented with new content and functionalities to facilitate everyone who plans to meet the exceptional natural and cultural-historical treasures of Bulgaria.

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