This was announced in an interview with NV Business by Eduard Sokolovsky, CEO of Stolitsa Group.

He assured that it is for this purpose that Stolitsa Group finances H2O, despite the fact that it has not yet received any income from the sale of housing in it. In particular, the company finances construction, networks, infrastructure, security, electricity, etc. Currently, the developer is building two houses in the H2O residential complex, "but there are plans for more."

"The Directorate for Completion has been established, which is now solving the issues of additional financing, monitoring the progress of construction and the implementation of completion schedules. There are certain prerequisites for this financing process to start moving fully," said Eduard Sokolovskyi.

He also said that work at the Arcade facilities continues and their pace "is only increasing." In particular, in 2022, two houses No. 16 and 26 of the Patriotyka residential complex were put into operation. Now investors are registering ownership rights to housing. Houses No. 14, 15, 18 in the Eureka residential complex have already been prepared for commissioning. It was completed at the joint expense of Stolitsa Group and cooperatives.

According to Sokolovskyi, these houses have not yet been put into operation due to the delay of the construction customer, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. The customer had to sign an order approving the project and submit draft changes to the permit to the SIAU.

"However, the university doesn't do that... They refer to the investment treaty and say that it has ceased to be valid. Although, under the terms of the contract, it is valid until all parties fully fulfill their obligations," explained the CEO of Stolitsa Group.

He stressed that if the university does not change its position, it will be impossible to complete the construction of the Eureka residential complex. According to the law, in this case, the customer will have to complete the facility on his own. Currently, Stolitsa Group is "waiting for the university's decision."

In 2021, Arkada's investors, the developer, the Kyiv city authorities, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Security Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Regional Development, under the coordination of the Office of the President of Ukraine, signed a Memorandum. According to it, the unfinished houses were inherited by the Stolitsa Group. After Arkada Bank was declared insolvent, 39 high-rise buildings turned out to be unfinished — more than 10 thousand families of investors were left homeless.