OTP Leasing, a leader in financial services, inspires with an online platform offering an innovative and fully digital process through which the selection, financing and receipt of the desired car is easier, faster and more enjoyable than ever. Through its platform Nova Kola.bg, the largest leasing company on the Bulgarian market marks the beginning of the fully digital future in the field of car financing.

From the wide range of cars presented on the Bulgarian market to the intuitive online application for leasing, Nova Car.bg completely changes the way you choose and buy a car. With just a few clicks, users can select the desired model by key parameters, make a test drive, apply for leasing entirely online. Quick approval with favorable conditions is another of the advantages of Nova Kola .

The trend of digitalization of services and products did not bypass the automotive market. The COVID pandemic in 2020 contributed to a leap in the development of previously defunct digital platforms for ordering cars directly from a manufacturer. The arrival of the Tesla model in the market revolutionized the way cars are ordered and delivered, which has prompted automakers to focus their efforts and resources on developing online sales channels for their products. As a result, although new car sales in Europe fell by 29.6% due to the pandemic in 2020, car sales through entirely online platforms increased by an impressive 645%, according to surveys from ECG Business Intelligence. According to them, in the consumer path of 53% of new car sales in Europe after 2020 there was some online service provided by the manufacturer, car dealer or financing institution.

The same is true in the used car market. According to a study by Roland Berger, Europe is gradually catching up with the US in the share of online sales of used cars, and is expected to increase to nearly 10% of all sales in 2025.

"Taking these figures into account and observing market trends, we can safely say that within the next 5 years over 50% of car deals will be concluded online. The users of Nova Kola.bg are extremely digitally oriented people between 25-55 years old, living mainly in Sofia, who prefer to save time, harmful emissions in traffic and paper when researching and choosing a car. We continue to develop the functionalities Nova Kola.bg so that they respond to the needs of consumers before they themselves have established them.", said Mihail Komitski, Manager of OTP Leasing and Member of the Management Board of DSK Bank.

Nova Kola.bg was launched in 2020 as an online platform to meet the newly created needs and expectations of consumers due to the conditions of the Covid pandemic. In the beginning, its focus was on choosing a convenient monthly lease payment when buying a new car. Already Nova Car.bg provides a complete 4D experience: 1. Remote car selection, 2. Remote application and approval, 3. Remote signing and 4. Possibility of Remote Delivery.

What makes Nova Car.bg so unique? This is the first digital platform in Bulgaria that brings together under one roof an extensive catalog of new and used cars of different brands and a financial calculator with attractive conditions that can be configured according to the leasing parameters preferred by the client (down payment, monthly installment, residual value). At the beginning of 2023, we also included available offers for second-hand cars in the platform to give quick access to cars for purchase. Due to the delay in the delivery of new cars after the pandemic, the market has changed and the demand for used cars has significantly increased. Nova Cola offers are updated daily and provide consumers with a wider selection of new and used car offers from transparent dealers. Nova Cola not only provides an easy and quick choice of car, but also directly calculates all costs associated with leasing through the built-in online calculator.

To improve the customer experience, the process includes remote approval and signing of documents, as well as convenient delivery of the vehicle to the customer. This intuitive approach not only saves time, but also makes buying a car more convenient and hassle-free.

About OTP Leasing

OTP Leasing

OTP Leasing is a subsidiary leasing company of DSK Bank and is part of the OTP Group, the fastest growing financial group in Eastern Europe. The company has over 15 years of experience in offering leasing solutions under financial and operational leasing conditions and is currently a leader in this market segment.

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Nova Kola is a project of OTP Leasing, whose purpose is to make it easier for customers to choose to buy a new car, and entirely online. Nova Kola works with all leading car brands officially presented on the Bulgarian market and is the first online platform in Bulgaria where consumers can view different brands, models and offers for leasing new cars in one place.

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