KirilandGeorgiDomuschievinvestan additional $5million inthe fightagainstmalaria.

This is the first engagement of the new charity fund Domuschiev Impact, announced at the annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative.

Kiril and Georgi Domuschievi, owners of the Bulgarian company Huvepharma, will invest an additional 5m euros in the construction of a new gas pipeline. through its new Domuschiev Impact Fund in the creation of a Global Malaria Centre.

The center will develop and provide affordable malaria drugs for regions hard hit by the disease, Domuschiev Impact reported. This is the first engagement of the new charity, announced at the annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), which took place at the end of September in New York.

Mr. Kiril Domuschiev was born on April 18, 1969 in Sofia.Mr. Kiril Domuschiev owns part of the CGI Advisory Board of the 42nd US President Bill Clinton, along with other eminent world leaders.

Domuschiev Impact is a fund of Kiril and Georgi Domuschiev aimed at stimulating global change by investing in science, innovation and people, facilitating sustainability in different sectors.

The organization, in collaboration with the Clinton Global Initiative and other similar platforms, will also invest in training small cooperatives and farmers in Africa to improve sustainable animal protein production.

For five years, farmers will receive free expertise in livestock management, nutrition support, veterinary services and basic animal health products from Huvepharma, promoting food security and prosperity in the region.

Domuschiev Impact's ambition is to invest an additional 5m euros in the construction of a new gas pipeline. development of drugs against malaria at an affordable price. Securing a lower cost will be possible through an integrated supply chain enabled by manufacturing innovation and the power of Huvepharma and the Domuschiev family's personal philanthropic commitment.

Huvepharma's experienced R&D team will industrialize and produce an affordable malaria drug without profit, which can only be realized through the company's ability to vertically integrate the entire production and distribution process. This is what will ensure low cost and wide access to life-saving medicines in the most affected areas.

The action plan envisages the expansion of the research and development laboratory against malaria by June 2025, and the first production lines will start operating in June 2026.

Areas around the world affected by malaria are steadily increasing, due to climate change, increased urbanization, migration and population growth. Malaria treatment can save millions of lives, but producers currently rely on an unsustainable supply chain entirely dependent on one plant, Artesia Anoi.

It is grown in conflict areas, is subject to an unstable market and huge fluctuations in prices. The launch of a semi-synthetic replacement for Artesia Anoi is needed to stabilise the supply chain, reduce cost differentials and ensure that a sustainable, long-term malarial treatment regimen is available to the millions of people who need it.

To realize its goals in the fight against malaria, Domuschiev Impact will seek partnerships both in the CGI community and among other business representatives and civil society organizations in order to ensure co-investment and achieve greater impact.

Huvepharma is a company specialized in the production of products for human and animal health, as well as food supplements, which are distributed in over 100 countries. The company operates production facilities in France, Italy, Bulgaria and the United States focused on biotechnology, vaccines and veterinary medicines.

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