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The number of tobacco farms in Germany has halved in the past decade, according to the managing director of the Federal Association of German Tobacco Growers (BdT), Folke Rega.

"Only the hard core remains," Rega said. According to him, there are currently 60 tobacco farms in Germany, which last year collected 3700,1600 tons of tobacco from <>,<> hectares of land.

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Rega does not undertake to forecast yields for the current year, as harvesting continues until early October. In his words, however, both the quality and the volumes are good.

The number of tobacco growers in Germany in the past was four digits, but is steadily shrinking due to a decrease in the use of cigarettes and other tobacco products.

Many have given up on tobacco after the EU stopped subsidies for this crop in 2010. Since then, mostly tobacco used for hookahs has been grown in Germany.

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