GEITA, Bukombe: NAIBU Prime Minister and Minister of Energy, Dr. Doto Biteko has called on the country's executives and workers to manage the proper use of government funds as the money is expected by Tanzanians to bring development.

The statement was made on September 24, 2023 in Bukombe District, Geita Province, his first visit since the appointment and inauguration of President Dr. Samia Suluhu Hassan as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy.

He said that, under President Samia's leadership, everything planned to take place is being done because of the funds he provides for various sector projects, including the Julius Nyerere (MW 2115) power project, the construction of the Busisi Bridge, the purchase of aircraft, classes, health facilities, tourism and several other projects.

Speaking at different times, Geita Regional leaders thanked the Head of State for trusting Dr. Doto Biteko in such a great and prestigious position and that they are confident that he will treat the position fairly due to his history of professionalism and integrity.

For his part, Mining Minister Anthony Mavunde praised the efforts made by Dr. Biteko while serving as Minister of Mines and said he had helped to lift the contribution of the mining sector to the economy and promised that he would continue the good foundations including conducting mining research across the country so that miners can mine reliably and thus increase the country's revenues.