An innovative project for ornamental, tempered glass with low iron content for photovoltaics, was presented to the Mayor of Pleven Georgi Spartanski. The Rubin Plant has launched a third investment of BGN 110 million, which will create 150 new jobs for highly qualified specialists.

The Mayor of Pleven Georg Spartanski handed to Georgi Paskov, CEO of "Glass Contribution" - the company owner of the glass enterprise, the construction permit in the industrial zone of the city.

The project envisages the construction and commissioning of a 300-ton furnace with a partnership of German companies. The company "Nikolaus Sorg GmbH & Co.KG c" is engaged in the engineering, supply and installation of the main equipment. "Sorg Feuerungsbau und Service GmbH" will build the metal structure of the furnace van and the regenerative chambers.

Excelsius Global Services GmbH is developing its heating, filling and commissioning, and EME GmbH is designing and will build the workshop that will house one of the most modern facilities in the production of glassware. All machines and equipment are manufactured in the European Union.

The investment program of the company started the third stage after finalizing two successful projects that received certificates for investment class "A".

With the new capacity, which will be completed by mid-2024, investments in the Rubin plant reach BGN 250 million.

Georgi Paskov discussed with Mayor Georg Spartanski the possibility a large international company to be involved in the Rubin plant to invest in an innovative project over BGN 150 million. This is a new type of material - ornamental, tempered glass with low iron content for photovoltaics. It is an extremely important part of photovoltaic modules. The project also includes a technology for making glass for photovoltaic glass facades, which reduces carbon emissions and gives energy autonomy to buildings.

Georgi Paskov, the CEO of the company owner of the Rubin plant, thanked Mayor Georg Spartanski for the actions and support of the local authorities to investors in the regional economy.