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"Bulgarian agriculture is not sufficiently market-oriented. And this is a consequence of being loose. And people are not to blame for that. But they have focused on subsidies as a bailout. These subsidies are due to farmers. They wanted to get them right away. So nothing more than what they are entitled to is decided. They decided to give it to them immediately." This was stated in the studio of "Wake Up" by the Minister of Agriculture and Food Kiril Vatev Kiril Vatev as a member of the Management Board of the Association of Meat Processors and owner of.

In his words, agriculture should become a national priority and it does not matter who will be a minister. "We should not deviate from this topic. We need to have a 30-year forecast, on the basis of which to make a promising program for the development of agriculture in Bulgaria, "Vatev said.

"Every Bulgarian manufacturer fights alone. We compete with extremely well-organized and powerful cooperatives. With very powerful agrarian chambers. We are the only ones who do not have a cooperative," the agriculture minister said.

According to him, agriculture in our country is in bulk.

Vatev stressed that there are many reasons for inflation and price increases.

"In order to have more eetino products, we need much more serious measures to be taken. Only imports from Ukraine will not solve the problem of the price of products. Because we've been rolling out since the second week since I took office, a price check from the shelf in the store to the farm. For milk and milk products. We found that the largest share of value added remained in the trader at the end. Retail. It goes up to 70 percent," he said. He added that the situation is similar with all other goods.

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"There is no law on the trade in agricultural products in Bulgaria. We have no such law. There is no law on cooperatives. And they are connected. The bad thing is that we all want to have a result right away. But we have measures that cannot immediately bear fruit. If we change as soon as possible, that is, if we introduce a law on the trade in agricultural goods, many things will change, because at the moment the stronger pressure is weaker. And this pressure goes down to the farm and to the field, where there is no one to be pushed. You can't push the garden. It must be poured with water, it must be fertilized, it must be sprayed with plant protection products to survive production. That is, the costs there are the same, "the minister is adamant.

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