The Council of Ministers will develop a new law on trade in agricultural goods. This was announced to journalists in the Kalofer area Panitsite by the Minister of Agriculture Kiril VatevKiril Vatev as a member of the Management Board of the Association of Meat Processors and owner of.

According to him, such a law is needed to put some limits on mark-ups. He pointed out that during the inspections of dairy products from the shelf in the store back to the producers, there was an increase in prices, BTA reported.

Minister Vatev: Our agriculture is in bulk

It is impossible for the strong to push down the weaker because the weakest in this case turned out to be the farmer who has nothing to press the price, Vatev said.

He specified that the job of the legislature is not to control the market, but to create the necessary rules by which it can function. From there, it is a matter of supply and demand, Vatev added.

The Minister also commented on the import of sunflower from Ukraine, pointing out that it will be imported depending on the interest of the Bulgarian processors. We have always imported sunflower, including from Ukraine, and it is currently coming from Romania, Vatev said. According to him, this is a matter of trade negotiations and there is no administrative or control body that can force processors at what prices to make their deals. After the expiration of the agreement with Ukraine two months not to import sunflowers, if necessary, everything will be regulated in licensing regimes and Bulgaria will enter as much as necessary, Vatev explained.

The Minister stressed that there were no violations in any sample during the inspections of imports from Ukraine. "The only reason to increase controls, apart from the traditional control of herbicides and pesticides, is that there is currently a war in Ukraine," Vatev said. Those for radioactivity and heavy metals have also been added to the traditional checks.

According to the Minister's data, this year's harvest in Bulgaria is about 1.6 million. 2.2 million tonnes. Tonnes. With the remainder of last year, the available Bulgarian sunflower is about 2.1 million. Tonnes. Bulgarian processors annually process 3 mln. tonnes of sunflower for oil and 1 million tonnes of sunflower oil. sunflower husk, so in total our processors need 4 million tons, Vatev said. According to him, the big question is how will Bulgarian sunflower producers and sunflower processors agree to absorb the production. These are commercial transactions we cannot intervene and oblige one or the other with anything, the minister said.

Minister Vatev opened the 18th National Fair for the Conservation of Local Bulgarian Farm Breeds of Animals, which is held in the Panitsite area near Kalofer. For another year, the organizers requested the introduction of a label for a Bulgarian product.

18th Fair for the Conservation of Local Breeds in Kalofer

Vatev commented that this is something worth doing, but he wants serious marketing and a fight for the trust of the consumer. In his words, in order for this to happen, everything in the product in terms of composition must be Bulgarian, except for some specific spices or packages that are not produced in Bulgaria. The example from abroad is that the control over compliance with the composition is legally allowed to be self-control between competitors there, and the state controls how they control themselves, the minister said.

Kiril Vatev