About 40 million hryvnias will be spent by the Odesa Regional Council on the salaries of the apparatus in 2023.

Only 11 million budget hryvnias will be spent on holiday bonuses, as evidenced by the calculation of the staffing table.

These data were published by Mykhailo Shmushkovych from the European Solidarity party.

Officials of the regional council, headed by the "servant of the people" Hryhoriy Didenko, receive monthly bonuses, additional payments for high achievements, financial assistance for health improvement and for solving social and living conditions.

The chief of staff has the highest salary. In total, it turns out one million hryvnias. But the head of the regional council will receive about 830 thousand hryvnias of official salary.

"It is noteworthy that no one has secretaries, although in fact they will meet you in the office of each deputy and chairman. But, of course, we can believe that these are not secretaries, but just dummies. The chairman and his deputies meet guests, make coffee for himself and the guests personally," Shmushkovich wrote.

To recap, the NBU reported that in Ukraine, wage increases are unsystematic and often do not cover inflation. The situation with household income from wages in the private sector is complicated.