He announced this in an official letter, which he sent to his opponents, Navigator Komplekt LLC. Earlier, the founder of Navigator Komplekt LLC, Oleg Tokar, repeatedly publicly accused Mazepa of raider seizure of the Mainytske field and unwillingness to pay for it.

"Sela Energy LLC intends to fulfill the terms of the Agreement in good faith within its responsibility, which is confirmed by the payment of the base value of the share in the authorized capital, and does not refuse to pay the bonus payment, which depends on the presence of gas deposits agreed by the parties in the field," the letter says.

In many of his interviews and messages on social media, investment banker Igor Mazepa has previously categorically refused to acknowledge the existence of this debt and initiated an appeal to the court in order to cancel the provisions of the agreement, according to which he had to make a bonus payment. In court, Mazepa lost the first instance, but recently won in the second, in the near future this case will be considered in the court of cassation.

"I am sincerely glad that Mazepa admitted the debt, this is already a small victory, but he still publicly claims that there is no gas at the Mainytske field. If he claims that there is no gas there, then he is not going to pay. In my opinion, this letter is another technical, fraudulent move that should distract attention and give it time. There are large confirmed gas reserves at the Mainytske field. Mazepa makes money on its production every day. We are ready to return the first payment and take the Mainytske field back, despite the fact that many irreversible technological errors have been made there over the past two years. We know how to increase gas production at this field and are ready to invest in it. If Mazepa considered himself an injured party, he would have already received the money back, but he does not want that. He also does not want to finally pay for the deposit. I believe that this is greed and fraud, which should be assessed by law enforcement agencies and courts. Which, I hope, will happen in the near future," Oleg Tokar, the founder of Navigator Komplekt LLC, commented on this letter to our publication.