DAR ES SALAAM; Tanzania Communications Corporation (TTCL) is planning to expand the National Cable to increase communication to the western side of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

TTCL Director-General Peter Ulanga made the remarks today in Dar es Salaam during a visit by the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Mohamed Khamis Abdullah to inspect the logistics of the expansion of the third phase of the second phase.

He said the expansion of the cable is being implemented by TTCL in collaboration with the contractor, with 32 districts connected to the cable, with nine of those districts being built by TTCL and the remaining 23 districts being built by the contractor.

He said the completion of the expansion would allow 100 districts to be reached by the 139 districts in the country and the remainder expected to be completed before December 2024.

Ulanga said that in the expansion, nine facilities will be built by local experts and preparations have already been made for implementation and on the contractor side payments have been made and the contract has officially begun.

For his part, Secretary-General Abdallah has instructed institutions and private organizations that have not submitted their information to the National Data Storage Center to do so, as it is a safe and adequate place.

He said the data storage facility, which is managed by TTCL, is sufficiently secure, secure and protected so that institutions, including various ministries, can keep their information there.

On the expansion of the canton, he urged TTCL to recognize that the government has trusted it so that it should not let it down in ensuring the expansion is done on time and at the intended levels as it aims to reach the economic economy.