Apple did not hesitate with the unveiling of the A17 Pro chip to express the extent of progress it has made in this area, as the iPhone maker, who usually avoids the use of expressions, can be held accountable for it later, this time clearly indicated that its new chip decided the game in the world of smartphones.

Apple confirmed that there is no competitor to the A17 Pro chip in any smartphone, and that its chip comes with tremendous performance, which will change the rules of the game and move its smartphones to a whole new level.

The result of a tripartite cooperation

Although Apple is not a company specialized in the manufacture of processor chips, but its partnership with ARM and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company TSMC, helped it appear superior in this field, the A17 Pro chip, which Apple says is the new generation of Apple Silicon chips, is in fact the product of cooperation between the iPhone maker, ARM and TSMC, Apple has a license that allows it to use ARM designs for phone processors, with the ability to modify these designs, while TSMC, which has technologies The Taiwanese company will prioritize the iPhone maker, to be the only phone to use a 3nm chip this year, under a deal that brings the two parties together and stipulates that TSMC should be given priority to Apple.

A new name that signifies superiority

Apple's new chip excels in many technical aspects, and this is what made the iPhone maker so confident of its performance, and prompted it to abandon the phrase Bionic that it usually used, in naming its chips to replace it with the word Pro, while it was expected that the new generation of Apple chips would bear, the name A17 Binic, Apple chose the name A17 Pro, to indicate the word "Pro" to the extent of the superiority of the chip structure compared to its predecessors.

The A17 Pro chip, the first in the world of phones, which is based on 3nm technology, contains:

  • 8GB of RAM.
  • A six-core CPU, up to 10 percent faster, compared to the CPU found in the A16 Bionic chip launched last year, found in the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.
  • The six-core GPU is completely new in terms of design, and can deliver imaginative graphics performance, and this will be reflected in the performance of games on the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, whose details will become closer to reality. Apple has pointed out that the GPU unit in the A17 Pro is up to 70 percent faster, than the GPU in the iPhone 12 Pro.
  • Neural Engine with 16 cores and huge capabilities, and twice as fast as the previous generation, as it can, through its virtual neural networks, which are similar in the way it works to the complex nervous system in humans, perform and process about 35 trillion operations per second, and this will be reflected in a significant improvement in the capabilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max.
  • 19 billion tractors, The 3 nm technology allowed Apple to raise the number of transistors on the A17 Pro, to 19 billion transistors, compared to 16 billion transistors in the A16 Bionic chip that was manufactured according to 4 nm technology, reducing the size of the nanometer, is reflected in progress in the ability to reduce the size of each transistor, and the smaller the size of the transistor, the more it can be assembled in the chip, and this leads to the production of ultra-powerful chips such as those produced by Apple.

A phone that works in perfect harmony

Computer engineer Mohammed Al-Numan said in an interview with the "Sky News Arabia economy" that Apple has once again proven its unusual skills, in the field of mobile device processors, by moving to the technology of manufacturing 3 nm for the A17 Pro chip, which is one of its most exciting surprises, in the world of smartphones this year, noting that the chip will contribute to improving the performance of the iPhone, which will be able to work efficiently and in complete harmony, without any error at various levels, and without His performance is affected by any difficulties he may face.

According to Al-Numan, the manufacturing accuracy of 3 nm technology will provide a very large leap in the efficiency and performance of iPhone phones, compared to other phones, as the number of transistors on the A17 Pro chip ensures that many tasks are processed at the same time, with a noticeable decrease in power consumption, compared to previous generations, whether the phone holder runs large applications, or games with high-quality graphics, the chip will be ready to provide unparalleled performance in the world of phones until now.

Smarter and smoother

Al-Numan believes that in addition to its great performance, the A17 Pro is characterized by its ability to consume less power, which will enhance the battery life of the phone, and allow the user to stay away for a longer period of time from the charger, pointing out that artificial intelligence technologies, integrated into the new chip, will make the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max smarter and smoother, as it and with the intelligence capabilities it possesses, it will help improve the performance of applications and services, such as the Siri assistant, and will improve the performance of the face recognition feature and smart photography.

Al-Numan pointed out that the new Apple chip is characterized by advanced protection technologies, which will make it very difficult to hack the phone, or access the personal information of its holder, stressing that the technical world, after the disclosure of the A17 Pro, is in front of a chip that represents a tremendous progress in the world of technology, and combines high performance and energy efficiency, security and advanced artificial intelligence, and respect for strict environmental standards, as it was designed to consume the least amount of natural resources.

A "genius chip" in the world of phones

For his part, the head of the company "technology" Mazen Daccache, in an interview with the site "Economy Sky News Arabia", that the A17 Pro chip was the real star of the offer to launch the series of iPhone 15 phones, due to the extreme importance that this chip plays in the operation of the phone, nothing can happen on the smartphone, without the presence of the chip, starting with the camera through the screen to run applications and data transfer, and even the battery.

According to Daccache, the A17 Pro chip is the main brain of the phone, and when the features that have been provided with it are collected, we are in front of a "genius chip" in the world of phones, as the 3nm technology means that the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max currently have, without a doubt, the most powerful and efficient mobile phone chip in the world, and this, as Apple mentioned, is "settled" and indisputable, noting that this conclusion has been supported by the results of tests, carried out by Neutral got the phone from Apple, with the aim of testing it to find out that the A17 Pro processor is more powerful than announced by Apple.

A chip that crushes all forms of competition

Daccache revealed that the A17 Pro chip comes with "accelerated beam" tracking technology, 4 times faster than that of the A16 Bionic chip, and this is what will help phones, to generate very realistic images, as this technology can produce images, very similar to what can be seen in the real world, expecting that the A17 Pro will be able to crush all forms of competition, in the phone processor market during the next 6 months, due to its tremendous ability to positively affect the work of All the features and technical tools in the phone, which is bad news for Apple's competitors.