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Holiday offers around the New Year holidays – more expensive this winter.

The packages of tour operators are at least 10-15% higher than those from a year ago, show the industry's bills.

Three months before the end of the year, registrations for the most preferred destinations and accommodation have already begun. Tour operators are seeing a boom in demand for exotic trips and guesthouses.

Resorts in the country - no vacancies for September 22

For early bookings, there is still a chance for discounts – up to 30% by the end of October. Expectations are that trips at the end of the year will be more than last winter, as weekends may be impoverished. Among the most sought-after destinations in Bulgaria remain ski resorts, SPA complexes and guest houses in the mountains. Abroad, the most sought after holidays are in the nearby Balkan countries, major European capitals, as well as exotic trips. Of these, the most popular are offers to Zanzibar, Dominican, Bali, Maldives, Mauritius, Thailand and Seychelles.