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The protest had five specific demands, four of which concerned financial resources. The fifth is for imports, and there we have a consensus on sunflower. This was explained by Iliya Prodanov, Chairman of the National Association of Grain Producers.

"There is a huge supply of sunflower. Only Ukraine will refrain from imports," he said.

"The biggest producers have no problem and did not protest. They have a large enough volume of everything, so they were not there for us. The Prime Minister understood this," Prodanov said.

He explained that $40 million The acre is the arable land in Bulgaria, but only 200,000 of them are irrigated, which is why grain production in our country is so large.

Atanaska Byalkova, a greenhouse producer, commented: "I do not support the protests of grain producers. We have always been undermined – first by Greece, then tomatoes by Turkey. Imports undercut prices, but people can't understand that."

The farmers applauded Acad. Denkov, he apologized for the word "terrorists" and explained that it was not directed at them

"In order to achieve a result, all industries must be together," Prodanov said.

Iliya Prodanov

Memorandum with farmers