The US Federal Reserve has announced the results of the interest rate meeting in the early morning of today (21st), if market participants expect to decide to stand still, but it is predicted that there may be another interest rate hike this year. After the announcement of the interest rate results, the three major indexes of U.S. stocks closed lower, among which the Nasdaq, which reflects the trend of technology stocks, closed near the low of the day.


Hong Kong stocks maintained a decline of more than 200 points in the afternoon, with the Hang Seng Index last trading at 17662 points, down 222 points, the China National Index down 79 points at 6101 points, and the Science and Technology Index down 81 points at 3839 points.

Ali Health (0241) fell 3.9%, and JD Health (9618) fell 3.3%.

Meituan (3690) fell 2.3%.

Lai Sun International (0191) fell 13%, the latest report was 1.2 yuan, and the turnover was 6.090 million yuan. As for Li Xin Development (0488) under the Li Guo flag, it was last reported at 1.15 yuan, down 0.9%. Neither Feng Deli (0571) nor Lai Fung (1125) rose or decreased.


Hong Kong stocks continued to seek the bottom, falling more than 200 points in half a day, with pharmaceutical stocks and domestic demand stocks performing weakly.

The Hang Seng Index closed at 17651,234 points, down 85 points, the National Index fell 6096 points to 84,3837 points, and the Kotsu Index fell 423 points to <>,<> points, with a turnover of <>.<> billion yuan.

Pharmaceutical stocks were weak, with WuXi Biologics (2269) down 3.9%, China Biopharma (1177) down 2.7%, CSPC (1093) down 2.1%, and Hansen (3692) down 1.3%.

Domestic demand stocks were also weak, with Runbeer (0291) down 2.2%, Li Ning (2331) down 2.7%, and Haidilao (6862) down 1.6%.

In mobile phone equipment stocks, Sunny (2382) fell 3.9%, AAC (2018) fell 3%, and Gao Wei Electronics (1415) rose 3.5% against the market.

Gold mining stocks also fell, with Zijin Mining (2899) down 2.3%, Shandong Gold (1787) down 1.9% and Zhaojin (1818) down 4.2%.

Technology stocks were also accepted, with Ali (9988) down 2.1%, Tencent (0700) down 2.1%, and Meituan (3690) down 2.9%.


Hong Kong stocks' losses widened further, with the Hang Seng Index last trading at 17677,207 points, down 69 points, the China National Index down 6112 points at 66,3855 points, and the Kossi Index down <> points at <>,<>.

WuXi Biologics (2269) fell 3.9%, Li Ning (2331) fell 3.2%, Shenzhou (2313) fell 3%, Run Beer (0291) fell 2%, and Budweiser Asia Pacific (0291) fell 2.6%.


Then there is the resumption of trading of domestic housing stocks, and since the suspension of trading on April 4 last year, Sunshine 1 China (100) reached the guidance of the Stock Exchange to resume trading, and today it resumed trading, and the stock price plunged by nearly 2608%. The latest report was 6.0 yuan, down 15%, with a turnover of 59,49 yuan.


New energy vehicle stocks were divided, with NIO (9866) up 1.7%, BYD (1211) down 0.4%, and Xpeng (9) down 9868.4% as for the new G1 priced flat compared with the old model.

The Hang Seng Index was last quoted at 17783,102 points, down <> points.


The Hang Seng Index last reported 17795 points, opening 89 points lower, the China National Index fell 35 points to 6146 points, and the Ko Composite Index fell 34 points to 3887 points.

Technology stocks were soft, with Ali (9988) opening 0.3% lower, Tencent (0700) opening 0.8% lower and Meituan (3690) opening 1.4% lower.

In financials, HSBC (0005) and AIA (1299) opened 0.7% lower.

Gold mining stocks retreated, with Zijin (2899) down 2.3% and Shandong Gold (1787) opening 0.3% lower.

ENN Energy (2688) continued its strong previous day, opening 2.4% higher.


Asia-Pacific stocks fell early today, with Japanese stocks down 223 points and losing 33000,27 points, South Korean stocks down 2532 points at 48,7114 and Australian stocks down <> points at <>,<>.

In the foreign exchange market, the US exchange index was last reported at 105.6, up 0.38%. The U.S. dollar rose against a number of major currencies. The EURUSD was last quoted at 1.0632, down 0.27%, the GBPUSD was down 0.25% at 1.2313, the AUDUSD was at 0.6426, down 0.32%, the USDCAD was at 1.3484, up 0.16%, and the USDCHF was at 0.9003, up 0.19%. USDJPY was last quoted at 148.43, up 0.06%.

In commodity markets, New York oil futures were last quoted at $90.23 a barrel, down 1%, and New York gold futures were last quoted at $1,945 an ounce, down 1.1%.