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From the beginning of October 2023, payments by bank transfer to the NRA will be made to five new bank accounts of the BNB. Each of them is intended to repay a certain obligation: taxes, social security and health contributions, SMPS contributions and claims subject to compulsory collection by a public executor.

Citizens and companies from all over the country will pay to the specified account the respective type of obligation, regardless of which structure of the NRA they are registered at their permanent address or management address, the National Revenue Agency announced.

Transfers to the revenue agency will continue to be made by any bank in the country or another payment service provider, according to the tariffs of the relevant financial institutions.

NRA: The deadline for submitting corrective tax returns expires on October 2

By the end of September, payments will be made to existing bank accounts.

Citizens and companies can continue to repay their debts without fees by using the physical POS terminals in the offices of the revenue agency, as well as the virtual POS (e-service for payment) in the Portal for electronic services of the NRA.


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