The number of tourists visiting the Albanian Alps (the Curse) in August this year has risen. This was reported to BTA by the Albanian agency ATA, citing a message from the Minister of Tourism and Environment of Albania.

"More than 130,000 tourists visited the Albanian Alps National Park in August. The most popular tourist routes lead to majestic mountain peaks, paradise valleys, mountain paths and rivers, confirming that mountain tourism in Albania is on the rise and the map of tourist destinations is constantly expanding," Environment and Water Minister Mirela Kumbaro wrote.

Albania attracts more and more tourists

The Albanian Alps are located in northern Albania north of the Drin River and occupy about 8% of the country's territory. Their average altitude is 1 500 meters. Most Albanian peaks above 2,000 meters are located in this area, including the Ezeri Peak (2694,<> m), which is the highest peak in the Albanian Alps and the second in Albania.

The stunning beauty of the Alps is reflected in the clear waters of the rivers Shala, Valbona, Tsurai, Tsemy, Moraca and the glacial lakes Peya, Jezertsa, Dobardol, Sulbica and others. The symbiosis between tranquility and adrenaline offers unforgettable moments for anyone who has chosen to visit the Albanian Alps.