Onion prices in Egypt have witnessed crazy rises recently, and the price per kilo has reached about 35 pounds, which comes within an unprecedented inflationary wave in the country in conjunction with the weakness of the pound and the shortage of hard currency.

Onions, which are included in most Egyptians' diets, were usually one of the cheapest vegetables in the country, especially since Egypt has self-sufficiency in it, producing more than 3 million tons annually and consuming about two million tons, to have a surplus of more than one million tons annually, and exported this year 380 thousand tons, according to Dr. Ali Khalil, director of the Field Crops Research Institute at the Ministry of Agriculture, in televised statements.

Khalil attributed the large rises in onion prices to traders who thirst for the market to raise the price.

It is noteworthy that the annual inflation rate in Egypt reached an unprecedented level of 37.4 percent in August, compared to 36.5 percent in July, which was driven by the significant increase in food prices, which amounted to 71.4 percent on an annual basis, according to data from the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics in Egypt.