Although companies and institutions have a great opportunity to raise their competitive levels, thanks to generative artificial intelligence technologies, at the same time, they struggle to find people with the appropriate scientific skills, which help them and their employees understand this technology, as most corporate employees in the world lack the required skills to deal with generative artificial intelligence.

A recent study conducted by the American software company Salesforce showed that despite optimism about the capabilities of generative artificial intelligence in the professional world, 62 percent of office employees surveyed said they do not have the necessary skills to use this modern technology effectively and safely.

The findings also follow a new study, which revealed that only one in 10 employees globally has the necessary skills required to use artificial intelligence.

This shortage of skills that companies suffer from in the world has led to their resort to the freelance technological labor market, and to highlight the role of the "artificial intelligence expert", which has become a new and exciting position in the freelance jobs market for ten months, where recruitment platforms are witnessing a boom in job advertisements and searches that rely on artificial intelligence.

LinkedIn search on the increase

According to CNBC, since generative artificial intelligence first appeared to the public in November 2022, site members' searches on general terms for artificial intelligence continue to grow, and English-language job advertisements globally, which refer to "GPT" or "ChatGPT", have increased 21-fold since November 2022, while AI-related productivity jobs on the Firr platform have increased by almost 250 percent from July. 2021 to July 2023.

With employers increasingly looking for talent with knowledge of how to effectively use new AI technologies, the question remains, what is the job and tasks of an AI expert, for which demand has recently increased? What skills must an individual possess in order to become an expert in artificial intelligence?

Top corporate priorities

Diana Araji, CEO of The Business Horizons Training and Consulting, said in an interview with Sky News Arabia Economy that generative artificial intelligence has become a top priority for companies, as this technology, which is currently spreading, will be a pillar for business prosperity in the future, as the tasks of artificial intelligence experts are to find innovative and effective ways to introduce and integrate artificial intelligence technology into the corporate routine, noting that currently there are not enough trained individuals to help companies Organizations are developing their businesses, in line with market trends, hence the importance of specialists and artificial intelligence experts.

According to Araji, the specialization in artificial intelligence is a branch of the computer science major, as the study of this specialization includes systems analysis materials and algorithms, the study of computers and software, and complex operations, as well as the enjoyment of planning skills, organization, programming language design, and data processing, pointing out that computer science is one of the cognitive basics, to specialize in artificial intelligence, whose academic content is focused on identifying technical patterns, neural networks, manufacturing systems, robotics systems, and data mining and mining. Engineering, machine learning, human-speaking language technology and many other scientific subjects.

Araji believes that artificial intelligence experts have become of great value to companies and industries, which want to be at the forefront of users of new methods of artificial intelligence, and simply it can be said that an artificial intelligence expert is a person who understands the different types of technology, and the tools available in the sector, and works with companies and organizations to discover new and innovative ways, to apply this type of technology in their daily operations, stressing that these must have a strong background in computer science, and work Strive to stay informed about what's going on in the industry.

What is required of an AI expert?

Araji reveals that in addition to the "Computer Science" certificate, which an artificial intelligence expert must acquire, he must show that he has skills in how to train others, to use artificial intelligence software in the workplace, pointing out that business opportunities for artificial intelligence experts will be available in ministries, schools, universities, research centers, companies, industrial institutions, professional institutions, technical institutions, and many others, as the use of artificial intelligence in our daily lives will become common, with the adoption of more industries Technology on a regular basis.

A major market trend

For her part, employment expert Raja Khaled said in an interview with Sky News Arabia Economy that the demand for independent experts in the field of artificial intelligence will continue to grow, and will become a major trend in the market during the next few years, in light of the evolving scene, about the extent of the impact of artificial intelligence in the world of business and industry, noting that the value of artificial intelligence technology lies in how to integrate it efficiently and commensurate with each sector separately, but the important thing now is how Filling the gap is represented by a lack of professionals with AI skills, as well as a lack of many employees in the skills required to use generative AI effectively in the workplace.

Khaled believes that overcoming these obstacles is only a matter of time, as the role of independent artificial intelligence experts will be to prepare companies for the effective use of new artificial intelligence technologies, enhance productivity, in addition to preparing and training the workforce to deal with new technology, pointing out that the job of "expert in artificial intelligence" is an emerging job that needs human intelligence, and requires deep knowledge of machine learning algorithms, deep learning, and many technical things, where there is an opportunity for freelancers in the field of Artificial intelligence, to take advantage of the lack of skills among current industry professionals.

Salary of an AI Expert

According to Khaled, the unfortunate thing is that the specialization in artificial intelligence, which branches off from the specialization of computer science, does not exist in many universities, so those who have not yet entered the labor market, and those interested in the field of artificial intelligence, should focus their research on the best universities in this field, considering that it is not possible to talk about a specific salary for this job, as the situation varies greatly according to countries and the type of company, but it can be said that it belongs to the category of higher salaries.

Khaled expects more universities in the world to adopt curricula related to artificial intelligence, which will help fill the gap in the skills required for this sector.