What to buy

First of all, let's figure out what you should provide yourself with right now. Power banks, heaters, warm blankets and tracksuits will definitely not be superfluous. Even if we are bypassed by blackouts, these things will definitely come in handy. Especially now, when the season is still low, it is possible to order these goods from China at very competitive prices.

The next category is goods for Christmas and New Year. Christmas trees, garlands, New Year's gifts and décor - all this can already be ordered from China. Firstly, you can safely choose everything you like without haste and queues, and secondly, the price of such goods will now be as pleasant as possible.

Children's goods: clothes, toys, school supplies, gifts are always relevant, regardless of the season. And in autumn, the demand for them is still growing. China has a huge selection of children's products, in addition, they all look good and are of excellent quality.

In autumn, there is a period of big sales in China, which are associated with important Chinese holidays (Mid-Autumn Festival, China Foundation Day, Singles' Day). At this time, the largest Chinese marketplaces (Taobao, Tmall, 1688, Pinduoduo) offer customers big discounts on all categories of goods. So autumn is the perfect time to buy clothes, shoes, necessary equipment, household and sports goods with maximum discounts.

Another large category of goods that are actively bought in China is smart goods. They are ordered both for personal use and for business needs. These are a variety of smartwatches, chargers, humidifiers, manicure lamps, car products (cameras, parking sensors) and much more. It is profitable to order such products because of the attractive price and large selection.

It is also important to purchase goods for various business areas in the fall. First of all, it will be beneficial for you to place an order for a large batch and receive it before the start of the high season, which begins in November. Manufacturers and individual suppliers often offer discounts on large volumes of products And there is also a chance to be one of the first to get acquainted with the seasonal novelties of goods that appear in the fall.

Where to buy

There are marketplaces in China where you can find a wide variety of products at prices much lower than on AliExpress. Let's briefly talk about the most popular of them.

Taobao is a large Chinese retail shopping marketplace where you can buy high quality items at low prices. You can place your order yourself, but delivery from Taobao is only done in China, so you will need a carrier who will receive your goods in China and deliver them to Ukraine. It can be Meest China, which has its own warehouse in China, the address of which you can enter when placing an order with Taobao. After the Meest China warehouse receives your order, additional services are available to you, such as checking, photographing the goods and consolidating (merging) goods from different manufacturers into one parcel for delivery to Ukraine.

Another popular marketplace where you can buy a wide range of products is Pinduoduo. The peculiarity of this Chinese platform is that Pinduoduo focuses on mobile devices and you can only purchase goods in the application. Pinduoduo is interesting because you can participate in joint purchases here. A higher price is for an independent purchase, and a lower price is for a joint purchase. Products in this marketplace are cheaper than others due to the provision of subsidized discounts on goods to customers.

1688 is a marketplace ideal for bulk purchases. 1688 is very popular due to the fact that as the purchase volume increases, the cost per unit decreases. But there is one caveat. To make purchases on 1688, you must first register on Taobao, enter your Taobao username and password, fill in all the necessary data and enter the address of the Meest China warehouse in China. Then update the AliPay Meest China account to address the payment for the order. After that, you can start shopping on the 1688.com

But there is a faster and more convenient way to order goods from China - using the Meest China Shop service from Meest China (purchase and delivery of goods from China). Meest China Shop is a platform that collects goods from various Chinese marketplaces (Taobao, 1688, Pinduoduo), and where you can buy as in a familiar online store.

How Meest China Shop Works

There are many benefits to Meest China Shop. Firstly, unlike domestic Chinese marketplaces, everything is in a language understandable to the Ukrainian buyer. Secondly, as we have already noted, products from different Chinese marketplaces are combined on one platform. Thirdly, there is no need to communicate with Chinese sellers, buy goods on your own and arrange their delivery to a warehouse in China, as well as solve various problem situations. All this will be done for you by the employees of Meest China Shop.

The purchase process is as convenient as possible:

  • You register on the site.
  • Choose a product and add it to your cart.
  • Pay for your order.
  • Waiting for your items to arrive at Meest China warehouse
  • Arrange a parcel and pay for delivery to Ukraine, which is carried out by air or sea.
  • In addition to the fact that everything is very clear and fast, Meest China has several other additional advantages:

    You can buy goods from different Chinese sellers, but get everything in one package. This service is called commodity consolidation and is free of charge at Meest China. You can also order additional services, such as a detailed inspection of goods and a photo report, improved packaging, insurance. And the delivery of parcels from Meest China is only 10 days by air and 45-50 days by sea.

    In conclusion, autumn is a great time to shop in China, as it is a period of great discounts and product ranges. And with Meest China Shop, your shopping experience will be enjoyable and easy.