The presentation took place within the walls of the national news agency "Ukrinform", where the company's top managers Maksym Rybin, Ihor Porokh and Danylo Lazorenko spoke about the benefits of the project, which the ITG team has been working on for a year.

EPICURUS is a multifunctional platform for investors and traders. The developers presented three innovative products that will be useful for supporters of different types of investments.

The first is robotic trading. According to Danylo Lazorenko, Business Development Officer of the company, these are algorithms that are written in partnership with leading programmers and mathematicians. Thanks to this product, the trading process on cryptocurrency exchanges is fully automated, without the influence of the human factor.

The second product is trust asset management. The investor's funds are managed by certified specialists in the field of finance, which provides the depositor with a safe and protected investment.

But the highlight of EPICURUS at ITG is called deposits based on the Ricardian smart contract.

"A Ricardian contract is a digital contract that is legally binding and can be processed by software. It combines a legal agreement between the parties and a protocol that provides a high level of security through the use of cryptographic identification. All information contained in a legal document is presented in a format that allows its automatic processing," Danylo Lazorenko explained the technology.

According to the company's CEO Maxim Rybin, transparency and legality became a priority in the creation of EPICURUS.

"We have solved everything that people could do dishonestly and non-transparently, without paying taxes. We want everything to be taxed, so that people have transparent legal money and legal dividends. That is why we decided to make the product now, because the trend of digital assets and the crypto market is very widespread. You can see how the digitalization of the whole world, including Ukraine, is taking place now," said Maksym Rybin.

An important step for the company was the invitation to present the project at Web Summit 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal. Representatives of the conference appreciated EPICURUS as the world's first legal, honest, open and transparent platform that works with virtual assets.

According to the CEO of the company, now Ukraine should not only defend its sovereignty, but also represent the country in the international arena with interesting and useful products. That is why ITG decided to present the development at the world's largest technology conference Web Summit 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal, which will be attended by more than 160 countries, 2300 startups and more than 1000 investors.

For his part, ITG Managing Partner Igor Porokh confirmed the active trend of digitalization of the world. He spoke about the main trends in the investment markets, including artificial intelligence, FinTech and GameFi. The specialist cited figures according to which in the next three years the AI sector will increase the value of the global economy from $2.6 trillion to $4.4 trillion.

"The capitalization of FinTech in 2021 is $245 billion. The growth potential of this market by 2030 is approximately $1.5 trillion. That is, we see how this sector will develop very rapidly in the future. And we are also, directly, in this sector," said Ihor Porokh.

According to Maksym Rybin, certain difficulties arose during the development of EPICURUS. The imperfections of Ukrainian legislation have led to the fact that the project will be legalized in Lithuania, because there are more favorable conditions for businesses in the field of digital assets. ITG representatives believe that the Baltic countries have more comfortable tax conditions and more developed communication with central banks.

"In Ukraine, it is not entirely clear who wants to regulate (the sphere of digital assets – ed.). And those who regulate do not understand what they regulate. We talked to the National Bank and they don't even know the MiCA law that was issued. They have only translated it, but they do not know what they want to regulate. They do not distinguish Bitcoin from ETH and ETH from Bitcoin. It's a pity that this is how all this is going in Ukraine, but we want to change it," Maksym Rybin said.