DAR ES SALAAM: Tanzania Insurance Management Authority (TIRA) says it will continue its public education strategy with the participation of all stakeholders to achieve 80% by 2030.

Tanzania Insurance Commissioner Dr. Bakayo Saqware spoke to editors and journalists at a conference organised by the Treasury Registrar's Office in Dar Es Salam.

He said the authority will continue to oversee all insurance companies to ensure they pay claims and compensation on time to their customers when they experience problems with claims and dues reaching 95% so far that they have reduced customer complaints.

Commenting on their expectations by 2026, the Commissioner said it included the start of implementing a national agricultural insurance scheme as well as the establishment of a board of social insurance experts and keeping insurance statistics.

Speaking on behalf of the Editors, the Chairman of the Editors Forum (TEF) Deudatus Balile urged the Authority to put in place a plan that will help end the challenges in its work.