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In the rating of the worst cryptocurrencies for the last seven days, several digital assets appeared simultaneously, which seriously disappointed investors. Among the top 100 cryptocurrencies by maximum market capitalization, ApeCoin (APE) and Astar (ASTR) became leaders of the reporting period with a minus sign.


Apecoin, in the last week, has fallen by 7%. Even despite a 4% increase in quotes in the last 24 hours, this was the worst result in the ranking. The token can be purchased for $1.13, with a market cap of $416 million. APE's exchange rate fell 95.7 percent from peak price values recorded last year as the cryptocurrency entered the market.

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As for the Astar cryptocurrency (ASTR), in the last 7 days it has collapsed by 15.3%. ASTR's market cap is $267 million and the token's value at the time of the news is $0.05. According to CoinGecko, Astar is trading 87.9% below its record high.


In addition to APE and ASTR, a decline was also reported by the cryptocurrency IOTA (MIOTA), whose quotes fell by 11% in a week. At the time of writing, MIOTA is trading at $0.15, with a market cap of $418 million. The value of the token is 97% below its all-time high recorded in December 2017. reminds that the eĸcпeptite of the Fіnbоld of the acĸopo pocochixa and the nai-days ĸpиповалyти загyct. A lidep in the application was a Gala (GALA), the year for 32.5% of the coin. The same way is ĸpиповалата МХ, ĸoд па ада с 32.4%. Tpite antilidepa byaxa zatvopeni ot mem toĸena Rere, whose ĸotipovĸa poevtinya in the center of 30% for mecc.

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