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"Modern agriculture needs modern technologies and their timely application with the help of science. The rapid development of climate change requires rapid adaptation to them," said Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Alexander Yotsev during a discussion on "Agriculture and Climate Change in the United States. Sharing good practices and experiences from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)" held at the Department of Agriculture and Food today.

The discussion was attended by scientists from the Agricultural Academy and the National Agricultural Advisory Service, as well as experts from the Plant Breeding and Agri-Food Chain Policies. One of the leading experts of the U.S. Department of Agriculture who works for the USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Agency, Tibor Horvath, gave a presentation of the American model for climate-oriented agriculture and support for its implementation by farmers.

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He stressed that the foundations of this model are voluntariness of participation, individual approach to each producer and farm, and financing the implementation of innovative technologies that lead to both lower harmful emissions and at the same time to higher productivity and income of farmers without compromising food security. With the participants in the discussion were shared the practices and experience of applying the latest technologies and innovations for the so-called climate smart agriculture, along with successful practices for sustainable farming, from soil health and effective soil treatments to the management of pesticides and natural resources.