Farmers announced a complete blocking of the state – border crossings and roads, demanding the extension of the ban on imports of goods from Ukraine.

The whole industry has a protest readiness – sheep breeders, cattle breeders. It became clear that grain producers and those of fruits and vegetables are also coming out. The reason was a lack of dialogue with the Ministry of Agriculture. Aid under the war in Ukraine was also not paid.

Krasimir Kirilov is a livestock breeder. He describes the situation in the agricultural sector as carelessness due to the lack of dialogue.

For his part, raspberry grower Ayhan Hashimov believes that everyone is looking to save themselves.

Farmers are preparing nationwide protests and border blockades

First to protest against the policy in the sector, a month ago spoke Bulgarian breeders. Their purchase price per liter of cow's milk has fallen to 50 cents. to dairies. The other problem was the import of dry milk.

"Dry milks come from Ukraine with terrible force and what happens – a large import and processing of dry milk, and the price in the store – the same," the breeder added.

The problems have also worsened for raspberry growers. Human factors are key in this industry.

"Our expectations were that demand would rise, but the opposite happened. Demand is weaker by 30 percent than last year. That is, prices fall and demand falls, and this is picked by hand. Picking is 60% of the sale price. Only picking," explains Ayhan Hashimov.

On Monday, a total of about 30 representatives of employees in the entire agricultural sector took to the streets.

"In this case, there is an unprecedented union that leads to only one thing – indefinite protests," said Simeon Karakolev, co-chairman of the National Sheep and Goat Association.

Over 70,000 are registered farmers in Bulgaria, without taking into account their families and employed workers. On Monday, they will close border crossings and key roads in the country, and on Tuesday the protesters will be on the yellow bricks.

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