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"I want to thank the Prime Minister for calling this is what the Bulgarian grain producers who have been feeding Bulgarians for years. I can only thank him that the protest will be much more numerous. "He who sows the wind will reap the storms." This was stated by Radoslav Hristov, Chairman of the Thracian Union of Grain Producers in the show "Offensive" on Nova News.

His words are in response to the statement earlier today of Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov, who said that grain producers behave like terrorists.

"15 days ago we asked for a meeting with the Prime Minister, the Finance Minister and the Minister of Agriculture – to discuss the upcoming problems in the industry. We had no response until we released the notification in Sofia Municipality for protest. We are aware that Finance Minister Assen Vassilev manages the country," the grain producer said.

Denkov responded to Borisov for the resignation of the agricultural minister

He said that today's statement of Prime Minister Denkov has confirmed their decision to protest.

"People will be several times more than they were at the last protest. The protest is not only of grain producers, it belongs to 24 non-governmental organizations from the Agriculture sector, he said.

The main demand is to have a certain package of products that are prohibited from being imported from Ukraine. These are products that are produced in Bulgaria – standard, which are difficult to realize when importing much cheaper Ukrainian products, explained the Thracian grain producer.

He said that during their protests so far they have always called the person in charge of the protest to sign that the rules of order will be observed during the rally.

"Today, at 7 a.m., the authorities of the Ministry of Interior call our members to serve them protocols and warn them not only to comply with the Road Traffic Act, the Rallies Act, not to go out on the road for advertising. This ringing is meant to be intimidated. Finally, I was warned to have a triangle, a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher, which we have in principle, "Hristov explained.

Asked whether competition is not the market measure to regulate prices, Radoslav Hristov replied with a question to Finance Minister Vassilev: "Was it a market measure when last year you banned grain exports and what are the lost profits for farmers and the state of this verbal order of yours? The Finance Minister lied again – when importing a product, it is processed and VAT is charged. There is no damage to the budget from the ban on Ukrainian grain imports," Hristov explained Minister Vassilev's words that there was damage to the budget from the ban on Ukrainian imports.

Commenting on the profits of the sector, Hristov asked whether it was bad that the sector had a profit. "I cannot understand whether this statement of Kornelia Ninova or a right-wing politician," Hristov said.

For the prices of bread in the country, which were not reduced at the reduced VAT rate, he gave an example that the purchase price of milk has fallen to 60 stotinki, but the cheese in the store is not cheaper.

"Ukraine is currently at war, they are trying to sell at any price, just to sell, sell at any price. Will our politicians not take an example from President Volodymyr Zelensky, who takes care of his producers?"


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