Not all pensioners know that in addition to pensions, they can receive allowances and additional payments. Such assistance can be received Ukrainians the total pension of which does not exceed the average salary in Ukraine, which is used to calculate the pension for 2020, which is UAH 10,340.

"Age" supplements to pensions

First of all, we are talking about "age" surcharges, which are paid in addition to the basic pension throughout Ukraine.

Depending on age, pensioners can receive the following surcharges:

Bonus for over seniority

According to Article 28 of the Law "On Compulsory State Pension Insurance", for each full year of insurance experience exceeding 35 years for men and 30 years for women, the pension is increased by 1% of the pension. However, no more than 1% of the minimum age pension.

It is important that the pension calculated in accordance with Article 27 of the Law exceeds the subsistence minimum for disabled persons, then the surcharge will be calculated on the basis of this minimum. The PFU reminded that pensioners who continue to work, recalculation of additional payments for length of service is carried out after their dismissal from work.

Currently, the subsistence minimum for persons who have lost their ability to work is UAH 2093. Thus, the maximum amount of surcharge is 1% of this amount, which is UAH 20.93 for one additional year of experience. That is, if a woman has officially worked for 40 years, then the additional payment to the pension will be 20.93 X 10 = 209 hryvnias.

Allowance for children

Pensioners whose dependents have children under 18 can receive 150 hryvnias for each child. This money is paid in addition to old, disability and seniority pensions designated in accordance with the Laws of Ukraine "On Pension Provision" and "On Compulsory State Pension Insurance".

To apply for this allowance, you need to apply to the branch of the Pension Fund of Ukraine at the place of receipt of the pension. You need to take with you identity documents confirming the relationship with the dependent, his age and proving his dependency of the applicant.

Who can get a donation surcharge

Ukrainians who have the status of an honorary donor can receive an additional payment to their pension. The status of an honorary donor is granted to citizens who have donated free of charge 40 single maximum permissible doses of blood or 60 times the maximum permissible doses of blood plasma.

According to the Law of Ukraine On the donation of blood and its components, honorary donors can receive an additional payment of UAH 258.90 per month.

This amount is added to the basic payments of the pensioner. When the subsistence minimum changes, the amount of payment increases by the difference between the old payment (before the increase) and the new (after the increase).